18 days…

…left until SB 672 (which everyone already knows is the Legislative Pay Raise bill) becomes law without the Governor’s signature.  I watched an interview with Bobby on WWL-TV, which you can see here.  In it, he once more stated his 3-point response to the questions of “Why won’t you veto the bill?”  Except this time he said it like…6 times.  It became rather obvious that he wasn’t going to stray from his nice little minute and 30 seconds of excuses that his staff has obviously worked very hard on.  The three points, which we should all know by heart by now, are:

  1. Bobby Jindal is against the pay raise, and sees it as excessive
  2. Bobby Jindal thinks that, if he was in favor of a pay raise, which he isn’t, then it shouldn’t take effect until next session.
  3. Bobby Jindal will not veto the pay raise, even though he’s very against it in the above two ways.


Okay, then.  Thanks for the newsflash, Governor Jindal.  As Bill Wilson of The Daily Grind put it,

“Here’s an idea: If you’re opposed to the pay raise, why not veto it?”

A little confused,

-Your friendly neighborhood blogger


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