Cazayoux: Rhetoric vs. Record

Yay, a new ad from the LAGOP about Cazayoux.

So, in case you hate YouTube, here’s the text of the commercial:

Cazayoux: “More offshore drilling…”

Record: Cazayoux blocked more offshore drilling – Roll Call 524

Cazayoux: “Build clean refineries…”

Record: Cazayoux blocked increasing refinery capacity – Roll Call 391

Cazayoux: “Invest in alternative energy…”

Record: Cazayoux blocked extending alternative energy tax credits – Roll Call 340

Cazayoux: “I’m taking on my party leadership on offshore drilling.”

Record: Cazayoux joined his liberal democrat leadership to oppose energy reform at least 21 times.

Cazayoux says one thing in Louisiana, but he’s doing something different in D.C.

All very good points that I’m glad the Party is putting out there for us to know.  When Cazayoux ran a few months ago, he came off very much as the “conservative Democrat” who was going to work across party lines to get things done, particularly in the realm of the energy crisis.  But, as the above ad so poignantly pointed out, there has obviously been a big difference between Cazayoux’s conservative idealism here at home and his voting record in Washington.

I’m excited about the prospect of Dr. Bill Cassidy becoming our next Congressman.  Dr. Cassidy has my sincerest respect, and I plan on continuing to support his efforts during the upcoming campaign season.  I encourage you to consider supporting him as well…get a yard sign, volunteer to walk your neighborhood or make phone calls!  Get involved.  This is our chance.


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