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First Boo-Boo of Calongne’s Senate Race

For those of you living in the State Senate District 16, I hope you’re all aware of the upcoming special election to fill now-Congressman Bill Cassidy’s seat.  The primary is scheduled for March 7th.  3 Republican candidates have qualified: local business-woman Laurinda Calongne, who lost the special election primary for Congress against Woody Jenkins last year; Dan Claitor, who lost the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s race in the past election; and political new-comer Lee Domingue, a local businessman. 

Calongne launched her campaign website after qualifying, and has since re-done the layout.  However, still at the time of this writing, there are already several of what commentators are now calling “missteps” of her campaign.

Most notably…

  • Calongne seemingly takes a jab at her opponents’ donors, particularly those of Lee Domingue, by stating that “Her campaign isn’t financed by the politically powerful.”  However, many 0f these same donors supported Calongne in her run for Congress.  Is it only okay to have the backing of the “politically powerful” when they’re supporting Calongne?
  • Calongne’swebsite is filled with statements about how her campaign won’t be based on the “same old tired political rhetoric.”  However, Calongne has yet to present what the platform of her campaign even is.  At the time of this writing, her “Issues” section under her website even says: “Starting next week Laurinda will address an important issue and potential solutions.”  An important issue?  Like, there’s only one?

After an evaluation of all the candidates in the race, it is abundantly clear to us that Lee Domingue is the best man for the job.  Lee is a Conservative with the vision, the purpose, and the support this district needs to accomplish great things for our state.  You can read a lot about him and his multiple issues at his incredibly well-done website.  If you’re on Facebook, join his group.  Let’s hop on the Domingue train, and get this election won.


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